New NOPD traffic cams can enforce speed limits anywhere

New NOPD traffic cams can enforce speed limits anywhere

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Orleans Police Department is rolling out new technology to enforce speed limits around the city, especially in school zones.

The department says mobile cameras, which sit inside an unmarked police car, are a high-tech solution that can enforce speed limits anywhere.

Police say there are currently five mobile traffic cameras around the city catching drivers speeding through school zones and other high traffic areas.

"It's good to have these areas be schools, for the good of children going to school," said Ahli Chatters, a morning commuter.

In front of the car is a radar and flash, which is how it catches speeders in the act.

The total number of new cameras, fixed and mobile, will reach 55 by April. There will be 45 near schools and 10 mobile cameras that can be placed anywhere they are needed.

"We have several requests for locations that they see a potential problem with speeding," said Lt. Anthony Micheu, Commander of the Department's Traffic Division.

One such location is in front of McDonogh City Park Academy in Bayou St. John.

"Just to have some more visibility or make drivers more cautious of the speed limit and things of that nature is going to be very big for us and important," said Hashawn Ashford, Operations Manager at the Academy.

In addition to speed limit signs that are already posted, the NOPD says drivers see a warning sign as they approach one of the mobile traffic cameras.

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