WrestleMania hits the mat in New Orleans again

WrestleMania hits the mat in New Orleans again

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - WrestleMania makes a triumphant return to the Crescent City next year, and already fans are filled with excitement.

"WrestleMania, that's like that Super Bowl of wrestling, and if you think the Super Bowl is anything, you get people from Germany, India, all kind of places for this big event. It's like the Super Bowl," said Dustin Mayet, who was attending WWE Raw at the Smoothie King Center Monday night.

It's a return fans are ready for, but when it comes to businesses like The Company Burger, just a few blocks away, they're ready to crush it like the stars in the ring.

"Not the exact same, but somebody went through a table once, so yeah," said Andrew Johnston, the chef at The Company Burger.

Johnston, a wrestling fan himself, said the previous event drew such a huge crowd, he can't wait to see what it delivers next year.

"When wrestling comes to New Orleans, everyone from around the state and Southern Mississippi is gonna be here for it, and something as big as WrestleMania, we're gonna have people from all over the world," Johnston said.

"It's almost like a Mardi Gras feel, I mean the whole downtown is covered with posters and people are coming from all over," said Jake Burling, who was attending WWE Raw with his family.

In 2014, organizers said WrestleMania brought more than 125,000 fans to New Orleans from 50 states and 37 countries. It's why Johnston is excited to see the spectacle return.

"For money and business here, yeah, keep doing it, keep bringing it back. We should have it every three or four years. It's as important as bringing the Super Bowl here," Johnston said.

For now, the restaurant doesn't have anything in mind for the big event, but Johnston said he can already smell a special sauce on the menu when the wrestlers hit the mat.

"I'll call the Rock and see what he's cooking, put that in some mayonnaise for sure," Johnston joked.

WrestleMania will be held at the Superdome on April 8, 2018.

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