Dogs rescued from August flood needed help before waters rose

Dogs rescued from August flood needed help before waters rose

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It's hard to find any good in a tragedy, but some can always find the silver lining.

FOX 8 finds some pets that now have a chance at a much better life after surviving the record-breaking August 2016 flood. Playful, happy and healthy all describe these pups well.

"They are wonderful. They will melt your heart in a heartbeat," said Jeff Dorson, executive director of the Humane Society of Louisiana.

Lilly and Patti are believed to be no fold sharpies, while Brodi is part pit. Michelle Ingram, owner and director of Zeus' Place and Zeus' Rescue shares a little about each pet.

"Lilly loves kids. Her whole world lights up when there's another or a child around," she said. "Brodi we call cochon cause he is a pit bull, but something else is in there and he snorts like a pig, and Patti, she would go great with any family. She loves everything."

The animals are all looking for the dream ending after starting out life in a nightmare.

"They'd never been let out of their kennel," Dorson said. "They were actually hairless. The owners for whatever reason were really neglecting them. Barely made it alive. Some of their companions in the same home drowned in their cages, so we were lucky that we found them in time."

"The before and after pictures are some of the most dramatic that I've ever seen," Ingram said.

Ingram has seen a lot in her 20 years of volunteer rescue. After the floods last summer, Ingram and her staff joined the Humane Society and other volunteer organizations for three weeks of rescue operations. Two-hundred-fifty of the 600 rescued animals were adopted or fostered through Zeus' Rescue.

If you would like to adopt Lilly, Brodi, Patti or another rescue dog contact the Humane Society of Louisiana or Zeus' Rescue.

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