4 pizza delivery drivers robbed in 11 days

4 pizza delivery drivers robbed in 11 days

ST. BERNARD PARISH, LA (WVUE) - There have been four robberies of pizza delivery drivers in St. Bernard Parish in the past 11 days. Now, five teens have been arrested.

"It's been very unfortunate. This is our third robbery in the last two weeks, the first being in Westwego and the two in the Chalmette area last night," said Pizza Hut's Director of Operations Mike Moreland.

Of the four robberies since the beginning of the year, three happened Tuesday night in Violet. Two of those were on Licciardi Drive and another happened on Highland Drive. Another pizza delivery driver was also robbed on New Year's Day on Beachead Lane.

"Our drivers carry very small amounts of cash, and in all three of these cases they've arrived at a delivery address where someone was waiting for them," said Moreland. "In last night's case they attempted to take the driver's vehicle but the driver ran back to their car before they could catch up to them." 
The Sheriff's Office was able to arrest the five teens in connection with the case Tuesday night.

"These five individuals were quickly captured and identified by one of the drivers, and they were charged accordingly with simple robbery," said St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief John Doran.

The Director of Operations for Pizza Hut said incidents like this make it difficult for them to find drivers.

"There's so many of these occurrences people don't want to deliver pizzas these days," said Moreland. "If anybody could see or hear this message, these guys aren't carrying a lot of cash so they're not going to get big amounts of money by robbing a pizza delivery driver. These are people that are typically working a second job just to make ends meet."

The Sheriff's Office said the teens arrested range in age from 14 to 16. They were taken into custody and booked into the St. Bernard Juvenile Detention Center for simple robbery because a weapon wasn't involved. Investigators said the juveniles are only charged with one of the robberies, but they believe they're involved in all four.

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