More water main leaks found in LaPlace, boil water advisory issued

More water main leaks found in LaPlace, boil water advisory issued

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - Another water main leak was discovered Friday morning in LaPlace, shutting off water to areas near LaPlace Park.

A boil water advisory is in effect for areas around LaPlace Park.

This comes after two other leaks in the main water line were repaired.

Parish officials say the leaks are much more serious than originally thought.

The multiple leaks to the main water line were caused by ruptures from a gas company working in the area. The line feeds LaPlace Park and the surrounding area.

The new leak was discovered in another large main water line running under Airline Highway near LaPlace Park.

Residents are asked to conserve water by limiting the amount of discharge placed into the waste water system.

Activities such as washing clothes, running dishwashers, flushing toilets, and all other activities that discharge into the collection system should be limited until further notice.

Taking showers and baths are not included in the conservation measures.

Crews are on scene making progress and have located additional parts and equipment to complete an additional repair. We understand frustrations as we are frustrated too and thank ALL affected residents and businesses for their cooperation.

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