Tourists robbed in Marigny just hours after they arrive

Tourists robbed in Marigny just hours after they arrive

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Tourists became armed robbery victims Thursday just hours after they arrived in New Orleans.

Just before 8 p.m., a Chicago woman was held up in the 2100 block of Dauphine Street in the Marigny. After it happened, her husband got into a physical fight with the gunman.

"We were on Frenchman, we were coming back, I noticed a big truck double parked."

The victims said they were returning to their room in the neighborhood hotel when a gunman came up behind them.

"My husband's putting the key in the lock and struggling a little bit when a man says, 'Give me your purse.'"

The victim said she turned to see a man with a gun pointed at her, but she didn't comply.

"I turned around and said, 'No' and I held on to my purse," the woman said. "And I'm bruised. He pulled it off of my shoulder."

The woman's husband quickly realized what was going on.

"When I screamed, my husband turned and he didn't see that he had a gun, and he tackled him off of the steps - grabbed him," she said. "They fell down. The guy got up and he ran into the truck."

She said the robber was well-dressed and even jumped into a newer model pickup truck where someone was waiting for him. He got away with her purse that contained $40, keys to the room and her cell phone.

"I can see where my phone is right this minute," she said.

Just minutes after the armed robbery, the victim began tracking her phone and discovered that the robber stayed in the area after the crime took place.

"At 1 o'clock this morning, it's still there," she said. "This is the address, and this is the places that my phone went. They didn't go very far."

The victim showed us how, throughout the night, her stolen phone is tracked to locations - all within a couple of blocks of the crime scene.     We even looked to see where the phone was located during our interview.

"And this is where my phone is right now - two blocks away," she said.

The victim said she reported the robbery to the NOPD. Police told us that as they were using the tracking software to find the phone, someone from the neighborhood claimed to have found it early Friday morning.

Detectives continue to investigate, and despite everything that happened, the victim told FOX 8 that she loves New Orleans and will be back to visit the city.

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