North Prieur residents worry about victims of triple shooting

Concerned residents after a St Rock triple shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Emotions  run high in a St. Roch neighborhood, where three people were shot in a hail of bullets Saturday night.

A young father struggles for life, after being shot in the head, in a block where violence is no stranger.

The people who live in the 2600 block of North Prieur were settling in.

"We heard boom boom boom boom...boom," said one man near the shooting scene, who we are not identifying.

The houses sit right on the street, and the bullets sounded like they were being fired, in a front room.

When residents looked out, they saw two men laying wounded. One shot in the head, the other shot in his rear. A third victim, a woman, shot in the knee took herself to the hospital.

A woman near the shooting says she knows the man who was shot in the head, and she says she had a premonition that something was about to go down.

"I said go home," said one neighbor.

Surveillance video shows a possible suspect fleeing after the shots were fired, around 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

"He's got a son, a wife, sisters, and aunts, you took a nephew away a father away from his child, it's sad man," said another neighbor.

Witnesses say they knew the man with the wound to the head, now fighting for life. They say he was a young father.

"He just had his child with him two days before, he was feeding him a honey bun," said a woman who lives nearby.

Residents of this neighborhood, who have experienced their own personal violence, now worry about the relatives of those wounded in Saturday night's

triple shooting and a cycle of violence that never seems to end.

"I want to talk to the momma and tell her we were out here trying to keep him alive," said another woman who knows first hand, the devastation of gun violence. She lost her son in a drive by shooting five years ago.

The 22-year old son left behind a wife, and four kids.

"Why should we have another child without a dad's just repeating itself over and over," said his mother.

The violence  on a holiday weekend, honoring a man of peace, has some turning to prayer.

"When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death...this is the shadow of death," said a neighbor who complains, there are too many guns.

The man shot in the head was last reported in critical condition.

Police report no leads in their search for the gunman and there's  no word on a motive so far.

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