Algiers constable offers manpower help to NOPD

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Algiers Constable Edwin Shorty said he wants to help the NOPD officers who help his deputy constables every day.

"We rely on them for backup for evictions, so my guys said, 'They're always there for us. Do you think there's a way that we can assist them since they have a manpower shortage?'" Shorty said.

Shorty wants to loan some of his deputy constables to the NOPD's Fourth District in Algiers in an effort to increase police presence.

"We'll offer backup when necessary. My officers are all post-certified. They've worked for NOPD, JPSO and so on, so all of them have law enforcement backgrounds," Shorty said.

Shorty's willing to enter into a cooperative agreement with the city and has even offered to cover the cost of the new assignments, but he said most of his deputies are willing to volunteer their time.

"Given a rise in crime in Algiers, the recent shooting of a 5-month-old, they have been consistently saying to me, 'Give us something to do so we can help these guys out,'" Shorty said.

He said because his deputies are post-certified, they can be used to help make arrests, provide back-up or even execute searches.

Still, he would rely on whatever the NOPD says they need to support their overall mission of public safety.

Shorty said he has not met with the NOPD or the city about his proposal.

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