City council committee holds hearing on proposed healthy homes ordinance

City council committee holds hearing on proposed healthy homes ordinance

Renters who say they are fed-up with deplorable conditions are pushing the city council to approve a so-called healthy homes ordinance that would force landlords to register each rental property with the city.

Supporters and opponents spoke during a public hearing before a city council committee.

Before the hearing began dozens attended a press conference outside of city hall sponsored by the Health Homes Coalition. On display were bags of cards signed by people in support of the measure which were later presented to the council committee.

Under the proposed measures all rentals would be registered with the city beginning in 2018, and rental properties would have to pass inspection.

Additionally, renters would be able to call the city's 311 system to make complaints and be protected against retaliation by landlords.

"Behind the washer and dryer there was just mold everywhere. It was making me emotionally sick and physically because I started having problems and that went on for three years. Maybe like three and a half years," said Trina Lackey, about a New Orleans east townhouse she rented.

"The landlord was a slumlord. Their problems that I encountered here was mold. I had mold in the floors due to a faulty screw and the sink over filling over flowing or whatever," about a property she rented on Sixth Street.

Some landlords said a new law is not necessary and will add to costs for renters.

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