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New Orleanians pray Trump delivers on promises

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People paused to watch the transfer of power all over the city Friday. While some worry about the future, others like what the new president promises.

They gathered in shops on the west bank just down the street from where a pregnant woman and a Westwego police officer were shot to death to hear the new president talk about cutting crime.

"This American carnage stops right here and right now," President Donald Trump said.

Trump campaigned tough on crime, and there's hope he succeeds.

"Just down the street you see what happened. We've got terrorists foreign and domestic, and we have to treat them all the same way," said Mike Phillips after popping in for a haircut as he watched the new president.

 "If he fulfills what he says, that will make the economy better, the jobs better, everything else better," said Darrius Anderson, two chairs over.

 Next door, at Hair Fetish salon, they watch the inauguration and wonder.

"No, he didn't change my mind," said shop owner Cierra Singleton.

While many wait and see what a Trump presidency will bring, some say they've seen enough.

"I thought the speech was short and impersonal," said customer Railyn Price.

 At Congo Square, crowds gathered for what they called a "second line funeral for liberty."

"This administration is hostile to reproductive rights and many marginalized communities," said marcher Amy Irbin.

 Others said it doesn't matter who is president.

"You have to take care of you. You have to do the things you have to do to control the things in your life.  Don't complain about somebody else when you're not doing what you need to do," said Anderson.

Trump continued on the big screen, "There's little to celebrate for struggling families," he said.

At Rob's barbershop, there was hope for a new economy.

"I do think he will make the economy better because he's a billionaire. He didn't become a billionaire just by sitting around," said Anderson.

Others want to see him fulfill his biggest campaign promise.

"I want to see the wall and get Mexico to build it like he said he would do," said Phillips, who believes national security is a problem.

"When I see change, I will believe in him. He said Obama didn't do anything. I think he did a lot," said Price.

Though the bitterness continues for many, others are optimistic.

"Time is the healer of all wounds," said Phillips.

 And most say they will give the new president a chance in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

Trump carried Louisiana with 58 percent of the vote. Many in the oil industry are hopeful that he reverses regulations put in place by the Obama administration, which they say has hurt the local economy.

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