Thousands participate in New Orleans Women's March

Thousands participate in New Orleans Women's March

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Thousands of men, women, and children marched from the Marigny, through the French Quarter, and into Duncan Plaza as part of the Women's March that mirrored the march in Washington, D.C.

The march, set up as a counter to President Trump's inauguration aimed to bring attention to women's equality as well as human rights.

Several in the large group wore pink hats and held signs, sending a message to President Trump.

For the women who took time to make their voices heard, they say this march is their way of showing their patriotism.

"The right to assemble is one of the basic rights of this country so for me I feel American to be something like this," said Gabrielle Reisman. "To protest is to be a patriot. I cannot feel more of a citizen and showing love for my country than coming to an event like this."

Following the march, the crowd gathered in Duncan Plaza where city leaders and march organizers spoke, including New Orleans Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell. The marchers say the large number of people at the event emboldens their cause.

"I think this is very encouraging that people are willing to express their right of free speech," said Patricia Adams.

"Not only doe it show that people can be unified but it shows that we're not gonna stand up to discrimination against bigotry or against anything that's against human rights that people, United States citizens and people across the world are going to stand up for their rights," Shelton Banner said.

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