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Don't Waste Your Money: Buying concert tickets? Double check the website!

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(Don't Waste Your Money) -

In the next few weeks, dozens of major rock and country stars will be announcing their 2017 tour dates. But you should use caution before you jump on the ticket-buying train.

When Garth Brookes announced his 2017 world tour, longtime fans like Karen Lavelle got on their laptops and Goggle for tickets at 10 a.m., the moment they went on sale.

“The ad said all tickets $74.98, so no matter where you sit, everything was the same price,” said Lavelle.

But when she and her friend entered their credit card numbers, she was stunned.

“They were $130 each!” said Lavelle.

It turns out, Lavelle didn’t buy her tickets from Ticketmaster, the official seller. Instead, she purchased from a third-party seller, Vivid Seats.

The mistake happens a lot.

Earlier this year, Belinda Johnson thought she was buying Maroon 5 tickets from Ticketmaster.

The only problem: She was actually on – a site that looks surprisingly similar to Ticketmaster.

“When the site came up, it looked official,” Johnson said. “I thought I was on the Ticketmaster official site.”

The $80 Maroon 5 tickets she thought she was buying ended up costing her $147 each.

"I ended up paying 90% more for these ticket,” she said.

Vivid Seats is a legitimate third-party seller and has an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau. But it may pop up before Ticketmaster in online searches for seats, causing you to spend more than you planned. 

The lesson? If you're buying concert tickets, double check the website, so you don't waste your money. 

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