Police: Man accused in murder of pregnant woman, Westwego officer was career criminal

Police: Man accused in murder of pregnant woman, Westwego officer was career criminal

(WVUE) - Thousands of people watched a seven-hour standoff unfold on the Crescent City Connection on Friday between police and 32-year-old murder suspect Sylvester Holt.

Hours before the standoff, Holt allegedly killed his estranged wife and her unborn child, along with a Westwego Police officer.

Holt was familiar to police in multiple jurisdictions.

"We had contact with him on several occasions. We made contact with him on June of 2008 for resisting an officer, stop sign violation and a failure to obey lawful orders," Kenner Lt. Brian McGregor said.

When police arrested Holt, they said he became very violent at the Kenner jail.

"He was combative and actually began fighting with our jailers. He actually head-butted one of the jailers, causing injury," McGregor said.

According to the paperwork, Holt also scratched the hand of another officer and was additionally booked with two counts of battery on a police officer. Holt pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

"We then had an incident on June 17th of 2009. He was at the Walmart here in Kenner and he stole a home theater system. He was brought here on a theft of goods charge," McGregor said.

Two years later in 2011, Kenner police issued Holt a summons for a domestic dispute with a girlfriend over child custody.

Then in 2015, Holt was issued a citation for driving without a brake tag, but he failed to pay the fine or go to court.

Eight months later in September of 2015, St. Bernard deputies arrested Holt on an aggravated assault charge. Police said Holt used a gun to beat on a woman's window, and then threatened to "flat line" her while waving his gun around after she threatened to call the police.

Holt got out of jail on a $20,000 bond and missed his court date.

Then in May of last year, Holt was arrested in Jefferson Parish for first-degree rape. Police said a woman told them she met Holt outside of a bar in New Orleans. She said they drove to Metairie where Holt raped her at gunpoint in a car.

The Jefferson Parish District Attorney, though, told FOX 8 that the woman was uncooperative and insisted the charges be dropped. They were, and Holt was released from jail on Jan. 7.

Two weeks later, police say Holt gunned down his estranged wife, Simone Veal, who was eight weeks pregnant. Police said he then shot and killed Officer Michael Louvier.

Veal did not have a restraining order against Holt, but there was a restraining order against him from a different woman.

Holt shot himself in the chest, ending Friday's standoff. He later died at UMC.

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