Crime pays off for king cake ladies

Crime pays off for king cake ladies

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The crime that captured the hearts and taste buds of king cake lovers everywhere inspired two sisters to take matters into their own hands.

"We're on the hunt for the most important thing that's been stolen in New Orleans for the past 25 years. It's the Haydel king cake truck," Jennie Mefferd said in her video. "So Michelle's got her binoculars, and she's going to be searching and searching. Honey, we've gotta find that truck."

The theft of Haydel's Bakery supply truck grabbed the attention of thousands, especially after the company offered a reward of king cake for an entire year.

Mefferd recorded the video on her cell phone as her sister, Michelle Gaudin, sat in the passenger seat.

The sisters shared their unorthodox detective video with their family, and Mefferd's daughter sent the video to Haydel's, which still had not found the supply truck at the time the video was taken.

"You didn't know if they were joking. You didn't know if they were serious, or a little bit of both. Either way it was phenomenal," Dave Haydel Jr. said.

Haydel's posted the video to their Facebook page and the response was overwhelming. Comments flooded in, and it has been shared more than 680 times and viewed more than 69,000 times.

"These are New Orleans ladies," Haydel said. "They're fantastic."

The ladies never found the supply truck but did find their way to the bakery on Monday after getting a personal invite.

"It was so nice just coming down the street and smelling the icing in the air with my window down," Mefferd said.

The sisters were draped in their Fat Tuesday best to meet the Haydel family and staff, and Michelle brought her binoculars as she toured the bakery.

Haydel's also rewarded the sweet tooth detectives with a king cake of their own.

"It was nice to have something nice to laugh about even if it was us. In fact, it was better that it was us and it wasn't somebody else," Michelle Gaudin said.

"A lot of people laughed at us. We don't care because there were more people who laughed with us than at us. We had fun," Mefferd said.

The ladies say they enjoyed reading the comments people posted about their adventure the most.

Haydel's did recover the truck last week. On Monday, the man who found it picked up his gift card that had enough money to buy 52 king cakes.

The person responsible for stealing the truck has not been found.

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