Shake up could be coming at OIG's office

Potential Shakeup in the Office of Inspector General

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Office of the Inspector General in New Orleans could see a shake-up this year.

The man who currently holds that position says it will be a waste of tax-payer dollars.

The OIG helps identify government waste, rooting out fraud and uncovering corruption in city government.

The ethics review board oversees the OIG and can fill the position as they see fit.

There's some contention from the inspector general himself -- Ed Quatrevaux -- about the decision by the board to possibly replace him.

Quatrevaux says it would be a waste of money to conduct a nationwide search for another candidate.

He says he doesn't know why the ethics review board is considering replacing him. He received a raise last February.

"We have an obligation to the citizens of New Orleans to ensure they have the best possible representation in the office of inspector general," the board said in an email.

Their reasoning doesn't add up for Quatrevaux.

"Have you ever heard anyone say that before? It makes no sense at all. The way it's done elsewhere, you don't need a search firm, a headhunter firm. They didn't, as far as I know, there was no headhunter when I was hired," Quatrevaux said.

Quatrevaux said the board has asked him to reapply for his job.

The ethics review board could decide whether they'll search for a new inspector general candidate at their meeting tonight.

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