Workout Wednesday: Ball Slams and TRX planks

Workout Wednesday BodyTimeNola

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Elijah Hobley of BodyTimeNola demonstrated a workout routine sure to make you sweat. Follow the video with steps below.

TRX planks: With feet inside of the TRX bands, raise up to a push-up position keeping the feet leveled. From there, spread the legs open and close pulling knees to the chest after. Try this exercise for 10 sets at a time. Exercising with a TRX band can be very dangerous so be sure to use it correctly.

Ball twists:  Holding the slam ball in hand, twist your body and throw the ball against the wall. Once the ball rebounds to you, catch it and repeat. This exercise should be done on each side.

Beginners should start with a lower pound ball.

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