Freret Street robbery leaves store owners shocked

Freret St. grocery store robbed

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Robbers hit a grocery store on Freret Street Tuesday night, shaking up an area where progress seemed to be more prevalent than crime. Store security cameras rolled as a gunman and another man confronted a store clerk. Alba Sanabria is also a clerk who saw the tape.

"The other cashier was working about 7:50. She was standing on this side and two guys came in," said Sanabria. "One was standing by the door and the other was inside with a gun. He told her to give him money or he was going to shoot."

The two ran away on a stretch of Freret Street that's an eclectic mix of shops and eateries, their faces covered as they left the market. Sanabria said their accents were Spanish. She also said there are a lot of people on the street at that time of day, and she's surprised the robbery happened.

Eric Douglas works in the area.

"It's a safe area," he said. "I come over here every day to work. People eat their lunch, and I never had any problems."

Jessy Jacobs owns the Babe boutique, which has been open for six weeks.

"This is a great community, a great neighborhood," she said. "We all look out for each other. It breaks my heart to hear that."

Two businesses are set to open this week, and people in the area hope the robbery is an isolated incident.

"I feel like once the two restaurants open, there will be more foot traffic on the street. It will keep the crazy people away," Jacobs said.

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