Moderate-income renters get extension at American Can Apartments

Happening Today: American Can residents get more time to move

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The city and the owners of the American Can Apartments negotiate a new affordable housing extension for moderate-income residents.

Audubon Communities, which owns the apartment development on Orleans Avenue, has agreed to give residents until October 31 to find new housing, provide housing counselors to help residents identify alternatives and provide relocation stipends to those forced to move.

American Can owners began serving eviction notices to residents who had been in lower-priced units late last year.

The apartments were built under a public-private partnership which stipulated a portion of the units be offered below market rate for a period of time. But, that time has run out on the subsidies at American Can. Other apartments built under similar agreements will soon time out as well..

In a news release, Mayor Mitch Landrieu says the agreement "sets a high standard of practice that we would encourage other property owners to follow."

"We have been working with other housing agencies who award similar incentives to identify all units that could be impacted and began devising strategies to grow our inventory throughout the city," said Landrieu.

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