American Can residents granted a 6-month reprieve

American Can residents face eviction

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The evictions are still on, but dozens of low-income residents of the American Can apartments on Thursday were granted an extra six months to figure out their living arrangements.

Several of the 53 residents facing eviction gathered in the shadow of the complex.

In spite of reprieve, the residents sent Mayor Mitch Landrieu a letter asking that they be allowed to stay. They also said the city should renegotiate contracts with developers to prevent future evictions.

"We want to keep this fight going on. It's just not this building, it's the city as a whole and sustainability in the future," said resident Anne Tucker, who faces eviction soon.

Most of the re-developed public housing in New Orleans has been financed under similar terms that provide for low-income rents for 15 years. Scores of other tenants will soon be affected by those expiring rental agreements.

We're taking a closer look at which developments will be next.

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