Father organizes search for missing son

Father organizes search for missing son

Volunteers from across the city are asked to help look for a man who has been missing for over a month.

Mark Bakotic II hasn't been seen since New Year's weekend.

Bakotic's father is organizing a search effort asking people to come to Jackson Square Saturday at 8 a.m. to look for his son.

The 22-year-old hasn't been seen or heard from since December 30 when he left Republic Nightclub.

He took a drug that made him hallucinate.

Our partners at NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune have reported that a private investigator determined Bakotic got into a cab and made it to the riverfront.

Investigators believe he left his wallet in the cab. His credit cards were used a few days later by two women who police initially called persons of interest in the case.

Bakotic's father thinks the women just got a hold of the cards after his son lost the wallet.

At this point, mark Bakotic senior isn't sure if his son is even still in New Orleans. He is asking anyone who may have seen him to come forward with information.

At this point in the investigation, there are still few leads.

"An individual looking at a picture can be mistaken. And right now, I don't have any certainty that he's been seen since he ran away," Bakotic said.

Bakotic said it is extremely uncharacteristic of his son not to speak to his family, which raises questions about whether he is still alive.

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