Football, Fútbol, Food: Super Bowl edition

Football, Fútbol, Food: Super Bowl edition


Super Bowl prediction time here on Football, Fútbol, Food. I know Saints fans don't want to see a Falcons victory, and I believe their hopes and dreams will come true.

The "Dirty Birds" lack experience in the "Big One", and that will be their downfall. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be participating in their seventh Super Bowl, and that could be the major difference. They know how to handle the big event. The Falcons not so much.

Yes, they won two home playoff games in the Georgia Dome, but this is a totally different animal. The Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl 31-21, and Brady takes home his fourth MVP trophy.


The Houston Dynamo is one of 24 teams currently playing in Major League Soccer. In the coming years that number will jump to 28 franchises. Twelve cities submitted bids to be the next four teams in MLS this week.

To the surprise of no one in New Orleans, the city didn't submit a bid. The New Orleans Jesters, a member of the National Premier Soccer League, draw less than 500 people a game. There's interest for the English Premier League in this town, that's obvious at any Saturday or Sunday morning at Finn McCool's, but not for local professional soccer.


When I visit Houston, which is about twice a year, I focus on the same two things when it comes to eating. A ton of Mexican food, and BBQ.

The reason I focused on those so much, I couldn't get it in New Orleans. Well those times are a changing. The explosion of BBQ restaurants: Blue Oak, Moe's, Central City, Frey Smoked Meat Company to name a few, are making NOLA BBQ legit.

Now in New Orleans I can't get Tex-Mex, but there is still some strong options in the Crescent City. Mizado, Johnny Sanchez, and Casa Borrega all make the grade for some south of border options.

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