Woman shot 9 times near Fair Grounds works toward recovery; no suspects named

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A woman who survived being shot nine times on her front porch near the Fair Grounds says three men tried to rob her and started shooting when she pulled away.

"It is a struggle. Sometimes I just don't want to wake up," she said Monday afternoon.

FOX 8 is not identifying the 40-year-old victim because the people responsible for leaving her for dead have not been arrested or identified by New Orleans police.

"They just started unloading, and I kept asking why are you shooting me. You're killing me. You're killing me," she said. "I was so ready for a white light that never came."

On Dec. 14 just before 7 p.m., the victim said a young man came to her home in the 3100 block of Belfort Ave. in the Desaix neighborhood saying he needed a phone. She said when she obliged, he grabbed her phone and arm and pulled her outside, and not long after, two other people started shooting.

"They wanted to rob me and for what I do not know. I don't have anything. They were children - couldn't have been more than 17 years old," she said.

Doctors revived her three different times, and in the following weeks she bounced in and out of consciousness. Her recovery at CuraHealth Hospital, though slow, is ahead of schedule even as she though she has scars and bullet wounds too gruesome to show on TV.

"The wounds are so deep. You know those long Q-tips they have? You can drop it in there, and it would disappear inside the wounds," said the victim's mother, Ramona Stewart. "It's hard for me to see her in that much pain."

"I hope nobody ever, ever knows how nice it is to be able to go to the bathroom on your own, much less do anything else. That was such a major thing for me, and it has only been recent that has happened," the victim said.

But as she struggles to even stand with help, she is haunted by the fact whoever shot her is running free. The victim said she identified one of the suspects in a lineup presented to her by investigators. However, an NOPD spokesman said the victim was presented with lineups but all came back with negative results.

"They can't just stay out there. They can't just knock on somebody else's door next week and do the same thing to them. I'm kind of sad that more action has not been taken, but I know that it's a system that has to be worked," the victim said.

"They keep saying have patience, but you know my patience is wearing out. This has been since December 14th and I think something should have been done already," Stewart said.

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