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INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Major tornado rips through eastern New Orleans

(Source: @iamkenobeatz | Instagram) (Source: @iamkenobeatz | Instagram)

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu reports substantial damage in eastern New Orleans after an apparent tornado touched down in the area.
He says there are initial reports of dozens of minor injuries and two more serious injuries. A spokesman for the Emergency Medical Service described most of those injured Tuesday as "walking wounded," with minor cuts and scrapes.
City officials say about 10,000 homes are without power and there are reports of gas leaks in the area.

Police Chief Michael Harrison says they've closed Interstate 10 eastbound from Downman to Interstate 510 and westbound from I-510 to the Downman exit. That covers most exits that would go into the affected areas. He urged people to stay off the roads and out of the affected areas.
Harrison says patrols are doing house-by-house searches in the neighborhoods to make sure no one's trapped by falling debris or other damage.

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