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Madisonville subdivision sustains tens of thousands of dollars in tornado damage

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Residents of Guste Island subdivision west of Madisonville were picking up the pieces Tuesday night after a large tornado struck before midday. Damage there is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

“I was walking across to open windows and then it went from bad to worse,” said Marian Albanese, who was home alone when the tornado struck.

She ran to the first floor, taking video on her way to shelter in the stairwell.

“Ran down the staircase and stayed there for a minute, and the house was rattling,” she said. “I looked out and said, ‘Oh let's go back in.’”

Across the street, a house up for sale lost an entire brick wall. Out front the mailbox was destroyed, but the real estate sign remained .

”I wasn't expecting all this,” said St. Tammany Fire District 2 Chief Randy Hess. “This path is pretty bad.'

One resident captured video of the large tornado moving across Chenier Drive.

“The house shook, but we got to check inside for structural damage,” said Joe Albanese.

The good news is no one was hurt.

“I'm fine,” said Marian. “I like bad weather, but that's too bad for me.”

Madisonville Fire official said they're glad the tornado didn't hit the main part of town. They said it could have been much worse.

Entergy said power was knocked out across a portion of the Madisonville area, but most of it has been restored. 

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