New Orleans East neighborhoods wake up to devastation

Happening Today: Tornado survivors seek help at Joe Brown shelter

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Homes were flattened, others are missing roofs. In New Orleans east, several streets are devastated.

Lucky to be alive, that's how many people after a tornado ripped through New Orleans East on Tuesday.

Many are still in shock saying they have been through hurricanes before, but never a tornado.

With power cut off, the streets are dark and eerie. The darkness makes navigating the area difficult which is why New Orleans police and National Guard troops are asking the curious to stay away.

National Guard troops are stationed at every point of entry to this neighborhood checking the identification of every person coming into the area.

One of the hardest hit neighborhoods, it is very reminiscent of post-Katrina New Orleans. There is no power and no one around.

Most people staying with relatives or at shelters.

Once the sun comes out, homeowners are expected to return to assess the damage once again.

Entergy crews are work around the clock to restore power to tornado victims in New Orleans East waking up without power.

According to the company's outage man, Entergy expects to have all power restored in three to five days.

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