Acrobatic training videos make New Orleans couple social media sensations

Power Couple

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - In a social media world crowded with content, Austin Raye and Julian Daigre have carved out a niche.

"We're sort of like live-action mannequins," Raye explained.

Or, perhaps, Daigre said, fitness acrobats.

"We go around the world, see what can support his weight and mine and use it to work out with," Daigre said.

The couple uses man-made objects, from steps to benches to walls, as support apparatus in their fitness routines. This is not your grandfather's gym workout as evidenced by their Facebook and Instagram pages, which are full of short video clips of athletic, creative stunts. The phrase, "Don't try this at home" comes to mind.

The couple have become social media sensations, collectively approaching half a million followers on their various pages.

"We started doing our couple videos together," Raye said. "I used her like my training weight."

The videos quickly captured a following.

"It was different, it was new, and people fell in love with it," Raye said.

"It builds a lot of trust, actually," Daigre said. "For him to lift me in the air, that's a lot."

It requires planning and coordination, but Daigre said, "It makes us bond really nice."

As for the reactions they draw, Daigre explained, "We would have boyfriends, girlfriends tagging one another, 'babe, why can't you do this?  We need to get on this.'"

Raye already had a personal training license, but through the videos the pair stumbled onto an accidental career. Sponsors began approaching them, asking the couple to use their products and "tag" them in the videos on social media.

"We're ads, but we're live action video ads and it's a blast," Raye said.

They're now expanding into training and even an apparel line.

"We are able to do what we love and get paid for it," Daigre said.  "Can you ask for anything better, really?"

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