Tornado recovery begins, but more help is needed

Tornado recovery begins, but more help is needed
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FOX 8 Photo

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Dozens of people are now pitching in to help the victims of Tuesday's tornado, but the need is great and many victims say more help is needed.

Near the corner of Reed and Chef Menteur Highway, looking down Read, you can see there's a massive task at hand. Families are helping families and more and more volunteers are starting to get involved.

At first glance it looks surreal, but the Felton family has been through this before. Hurricanes Betsy and Katrina destroyed their home  off Chef Highway years ago, but they have never had to face what a tornado can do.

"Roof is 80 percent gone. I don't know if a tarp will help," said storm victim Seles Felton.

As they waited on their insurance adjuster, friends and family pitched in.

"The more help the quicker we can get things done. We need more help," said victim Charlotte Hayward.

About 2 miles away, volunteers worked on getting food to help fuel the recovery.

"Today, up to 1,500 hot meals most will be brought into those rebuilding their homes," said Betty Thomas with the Giving Hope Food Pantry.

In conjunction with Second Harvest Food Bank, they're ramping up to fuel the recovery, and those on the front lines are appreciative.

"So much. We need something in her stomach to get as much done as we can in daylight," said victim Jeff Duroncelay.

City Church has also sent in volunteers to help pick up debris, and it's not their first disaster.

"Hard work? Yeah, but we've been through this before with Katrina. I'm just glad no lives were lost," said volunteer Drew Benson.

"I think the most important thing is roofing - get them covered with a tarp," Felton said.

"It would mean a lot to have help Bobcats and more people helping us out," said Hayward.

For those whose lives and homes have been turned upside down, the help never seems to come fast enough.

If you'd like to help, you can drop off donations to Second Harvest at any Rouses grocery store, or you can call the Food Pantry at (504) 940-1654 to help prepare and distribute food.

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