N.O. East church becomes distribution center to help tornado victims

N.O. East church becomes distribution center to help tornado victims

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - One church in New Orleans East has opened its doors to become a distribution center for storm victims.

On Thursday, a steady flow of traffic was rolling into the parking lot at the Louisa Street Church of Christ, which is staffed with volunteer and operating all day to help a community in need.

Volunteers were passing out food, clothing, cleaning supplies, shovels, pillows and blankets, and children's supplies to anyone who needs it free of charge.

Hundreds of people sustained damage and loss as a result of Tuesday's EF3 tornado, some with nothing left except the clothes on their backs.

Those coordinating the effort at the church say they will stay as long as people need help, and if more supplies are needed, they'll contact the Church of Christ main office in Tennessee to deliver more.

Some who are low income and have no insurance can come to the church and fill out their information. The church in some cases will provide appliances and furniture.

The volunteers see this time of need as an opportunity to live their faith.

"We're glad to be here to do all that we can to help try to take the burden off of as many people as we can," said Minister David Green.

Volunteers expect a bigger response in the coming days, and say they're ready to meet the need. If you need assistance, the Louisa Street Church of Christ is located at 3644  Louisa Street just north of Interstate 10. They will be passing out food again Friday and Saturday.

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