Tornado victims look to volunteers to help rebuild decimated neighborhoods

Volunteers pitch in for tornado victims

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A call for volunteers is underway as residents affected by Tuesday's tornado have the difficult task of rebuilding.

"It's a difference from watching it on TV," tornado victim Nicole White said. "When you actually pull up to your home and you see the devastation and you see so many people and they're crying, it's really heartbreaking."

Hundreds of workers are expected to converge on New Orleans East over the next month cleaning up the damage and debris. Residents say they will need help from others during the cleanup.

"We need help to clean it up. As can see, all of this in my driveway is from upstairs in that house," tornado victim Janet Andrews said while pointing to the house across the street.

"There's a great need. If you look around you, there's a lot of stuff. it's heavy. People need help," New Orleans Councilman James Gray said.

Gray is urging people wanting to volunteer to show up outside of the Winn Dixie on Chef Menteur Highway Saturday morning.

"If you're the kind of person who can spend time loading wood, come load wood. You may say look I'll come and start my grill and feed the people who are working. You may say I'll come and pass out water to the workers. Everyone can do something. Everyone is going to feel better about themselves and we're all going to feel better about the city the more people come," Gray said.

City of New Orleans Communication Director Tyrone Walker suggests anyone wanting to volunteer to work with organizations listed on the city's website.

"They will adequately understand what is good to do and not so good to do. We want all of our volunteers to be safe and we want them to be effective and help and we want to make sure the time they spend out here inside the impacted area is well spent," Walker said.

Victims plea to anyone who can hear them that putting these neighborhoods back together is a task they cannot do alone.

"Most people don't realize what's going on down here. It's really something else," Andrews said.

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