Food, supplies from FOX 8 relief drive reach people in the disaster area

Salvation Army volunteers deliver supplies

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - After the Feb. 7 devastating tornadoes, our community came together in a big way. Volunteers delivered truckloads of donated supplies from FOX 8's tornado relief effort.

Rita Turner was tossed around the Winn-Dixie adjacent to her home. She said, "I was getting ready to make lunch and thought I needed some meat." She said she had just put one item in her basket when the storm hit. Turner said, "I hit the floor and things were crashing around me. I just prayed." As supplies were dropped off to her damaged home she said, "Oh I love it. We all have to eat at some point." Surrounded by the dismal view of damaged homes the Salvation Army is taking your donations and making life a tiny bit easier.

Sharon Hackett said, "Well you know you don't know where you are going to start when something like this happens. Someone comes along and helps you and gives you a point in the right direction it's a good thing." Hackett's home

Vanessa Prentice, Director of Development with the local office of the Salvation Army, said, "We go out in our mobile feeding canteens and we load the trucks up with boxes and we go door to door  and we just bring people a little piece of happiness for the day."

On Feb. 10 through the weekend, you donated truckloads of food and supplies. Together with our partners at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the Salvation Army, I-Heart Media and Winn-Dixie, today those supplies went to the people who need them most.

Vanessa Prentice said, "People were very generous. I mean they were very willing to help their neighbors and everybody in South Louisiana has been through something so they are ready to give back."

Volunteer Ike Ketcham said, "I love doing this stuff here." Ketcham knows what it's like to lose everything. He said, "I woke up in the middle of the night my whole house was on fire. I ended up having burn scars on my back. Losing everything I feel for what they are going through too."

Turner said, "It helps us. I can be able to stay at my house and the food comes to us instead of having to go out and spending money." Hackett said, "Oh it's wonderful! Wonderful. Every little bit helps."

Ketcham said, "To come out here and do whatever I can to make them have a good day. You know seeing that stress relieved off of them for a moment." Little steps towards recovery that you helped make possible.

With seven more pick-ups still in progress the salvation army expects to be able to supply at least another 200 food boxes and will have specialty boxes with pet and baby supplies available for those that need them.

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