Schaumburg students return to class at alternative campus

Schaumburg students return to class at alternative campus

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A week and a day after their campus was damaged by a tornado, students from Schaumburg are going to class at Gaudet Elementary.

The tornado ripped through the school last Tuesday damaging parts of the building.

"That week was very scary...I was crying, I was in tears. It was very scary," said Lilea Nyquen, a parent from Schaumburg.

Some parents couldn't reach their children immediately after the storm passed adding to their fears.

On Wednesday parents we bringing their children to another campus, Gaudet Elementary, thankful no one was hurt and even a little optimistic.

"Yeah, it's back to normal," one parent said.

"it's great. The kids are excited too. They couldn't wait," added Clarice Mottos.

"I'm glad that they back to school and everything," Nyquen said.

"It needed to be cleaned," school director, Laci Blondell said.

"There was a lot of things that had to be done to tweak a little bit, as far as being ready for the start of today, but for the most part we're just absolutely grateful and blessed to have this location."

For students and staff from Schaumburg, Gaudet elementary will be their campus at least until the middle of the Summer.

Blondell says they expect to be back at Schaumburg by mid-June. 

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