Destrehan girls look to continue undefeated streak

DESTREHAN, LA (WVUE) - You could say this Wildcats team was destined for greatness. With a talented freshman class in 2014, they finished as the state runner-up and haven't looked back since.

"They're now 115-8," says head coach Angi Butler. "We're 52-0 in district."

And now they've made school history as well as the first Destrehan basketball team ever to finish the regular season undefeated.

"It was surprising because we didn't think we were going to be undefeated at this point," says senior Kyrsten Kenner. "But doing that shows us how strong we are as a team and how much we came together."

The Wildcats have to keep the streak going. After playoff losses each of the last three years, the mission is now championship or bust.

"We're 30-0, but you know what," says Butler. "We don't have a state ring. We don't have anything to walk around and boast about. And I tell the girls, 'That part of the season is done.' It's the next five games."

"We talk about how we're going to go far this time and actually win," says senior Jerlicia Morris. "I think we all want it as bad as each other. So we've got to push each other to win."

Their wealth of talent on the floor is only half of the equation. Where the Wildcats have come up short against veteran teams in previous playoff trips. This year, it's Destrehan with six seniors leading the way.

"We've become stronger mentally," says senior Cara Ursin, a Baylor commit. "We know that every game we have to play like it's our last. We've become more of a team as far as communication."

"It would mean a lot to me because we've been working for this four years," says Kenner. "And every year, we thought we'd have it, but we always fell short. So this year, it's our senior year, and this would be the best way to end it."

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