Judge: No evidence can be released in Gasser case

Ronald Gasser pleads not guilty in shooting death of Joe McKnight

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - The man charged with murder in the shooting death of former NFL player Joe McKnight was in court Thursday for a hearing on evidence in the case.

Ronald Gasser is charged with second-degree murder in McKnight's death.

Gasser appeared before Judge Ellen Kovach an orange jumpsuit. He was shackled for the hearing in which the Kovach granted a protective order for evidence in the case.

Under the ruling, no police reports or other types of evidence in the case can be made public by either side.

Gasser's attorneys objected to the motion contending they want to keep their options open.

Investigators say Gasser shot McKnight on Behrman Highway in Terrytown in December after McKnight possibly cut him off on the road.

Gasser's attorneys today obtained forensics, and police reports they had not previously seen.

"I have yet to review the autopsy report or any of the information provided, that will be the next couple of days," said Matthew Goetz. "I'm looking forward to finding, what if anything is in the autopsy report as far as bullet trajectories and toxicology."

A pretrial conference is scheduled for March 10th.

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