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John Curtis files lawsuit; seeks return of wins and state championship

Source: John Curtis Christian School Source: John Curtis Christian School

John Curtis Christian School's attorneys filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Louisiana High School Athletics Association for defamation and damages in relation to a 2016 ruling that imposed sanctions on the football program.

In a statement, the school cited a complaint filed in the Nineteenth Judicial Court of East Baton Rouge Parish demanding relief for damages incurred as a result of the August hearing "Curtis seeks the return of 20 wins and the 2013 state championship ordered forfeited by the LHSAA, along with damages, for the denial of due process, equal protection and defamation from the LHSAA’s failure to disclose its own internal investigation, which found no provable violation of LHSAA rules."

The games in question, including the 2013 State Championship, featured offensive lineman Willie Allen, who is now on LSU's roster. LHSAA argued that Allen was "induced" to stay with Curtis coach Jerry Godfrey and his family as a means of recruiting the lineman to John Curtis.

The school is being represented by Walter M. Sanchez, of the Sanchez Law Firm, LLC, of Lakes Charles and Gibby Andry IV, of Gibby Andry, The Andry Law Firm, LLC, of New Orleans. LHSAA has not released any response as of publishing.

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