Carrollton man takes Carnival collecting to new level

Doubloon man

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Have you ever saved a special throw from a Carnival parade? One Carrollton man has saved so much, that he could throw them at parades for decades.

Iggy Christiana became hooked on everything Carnival in 1964. The then 4-year-old said it started when the Krewe of Carrollton staged their parade in front of his home.

"I asked my dad, 'Who are these people?' (He said) 'Well, that's a secret organization and that's the riders who don't want anybody to know who they are.' Well that hooked me," said Christiana.

He started going to parades and catching throws. Some years Christiana would go to dozens of parades and save everything he could.

The throws added up quickly, filling nearly 900 boxes. He eventually started riding in parades, so his collection of throws eventually dwindled to the 300 boxes he has today. But, Christiana said he usually went after doubloons - something he considers to be the crown jewels of the parade.

His collection kept growing and growing and growing.

"I checked it about two years ago, I think I have about 251 binders, and it's about 62,000 doubloons. It's ridiculous. My mother who hated it, she said if it wasn't for the doubloons the house would float away," joked  Christiana.

He now spends his days sorting and organizing doubloons for a local company that sells them to collectors on Ebay.

"He asked me about three years ago, could you sort them for me and I said yes. I don't regret it, but it's going on three years and I'm still doing it," he said.

The doubloons are all organized  by krewe and by the year of the parade. Christiana said it makes it easier for him to get the doubloon after it's sold.

Christiana keeps a sense of humor about what will happen to his lifelong passion.

"I told my wife don't you dare bury me with these doubloons because they'll dig me up just to get to it," Christiana said.

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