After being robbed in Mid-City, victims chase suspects

Mid-City robbery victims chase, tackle would-be thieves

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Two men painting a house in the 4200 block of Baudin Street never expected to become armed robbery victims at 9:30 in the morning.

"They came up with a  gun. They pointed it at us and said, give us your wallet," said one victim.

He said there were two robbers, one of them armed with a gun.

"He put the gun to my head. He said, go on your knees and give me all your money," the victim said.

This victim said he told the gunman he didn't have any money, and even showed the robber his empty wallet. At that point, he said the gunman moved over to the other worker and demanded his money.

"They put the gun to my head. I was standing there. I said, 'If you're asking for money, I don't have any money.' He had the gun to my head, and I said take my cell phone," said the second victim.

After grabbing his cell phone, the two robbers took off on foot, but they accidentally dropped their gun. Once of the victims decided to pick it up.

"He grabbed the gun. He said, 'It's a fake,'" the victim said.

"I grabbed it and it made me laugh. I was like, come on, let's go chase after them. We wanted to grab them," the second victim said.

The two men took off running behind the robbers. They said the chased them for several blocks and ended up in the 600 block of South Alexander. They said they knew the suspects were hiding, so they began looking for them. One of the victims spotted a suspect hiding behind a garbage can. That's when the victims said the suspect lunged at them.

"He was just pushing him back and forth. They ran away again," the victim said.

After a brief struggle, the suspect escaped. The victim said someone in the neighborhood found his cell phone a block away from the scene. It appeared the robbers had dropped it as the ran away. The victims said they weren't hurt, they just hope the two robbers are caught soon.

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