Cousins emotional during farewell to Kings fans

Boogie says goodbye to Kings fans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - It was a very emotional Monday night in Sacramento for the Pelicans' newest player Demarcus Cousins in what appeared to be a going-away get together for the longtime Kings player.

Cousins, who Sunday night while at the NBA All-Star Game was traded to the Pelicans, told the gathering that he will always love Sacramento even though he will no longer be playing there.

The Kings are the only franchise that the three-time All-Star Ccousins has ever known. He was the team's 5th overall pick back in 2010. And this season has been his best numbers-wise, averaging nearly 27-points and 10-rebounds per game.

He is a huge acquisition for the Pelicans and a disappointing loss for the Kings fan base

"My love for this city will never change," Cousins told the crowd. "Even though I'm going, it'll still be the same. I'm still looking out for these kids. Every family in this city matters to me. Every soul in this city matters to me, so everything is the same. I'm just no longer in a Kings uniform, but that's okay because the love is still here, still in my heart. Thank you."

Cousins will not play again in Sacramento until next season. The Pelicans have already played there twice. The Kings will visit the Crescent City March 31.

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