Chef John Folse: Fiesta macque choux salad

Chef John Folse - Fiesta Macque Choux Salad

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Macque choux is an early Louisiana dish that borrows its name from the Creole word for corn, macque, and the French word for cabbage, choux. Although cabbage doesn't appear in the dish today, it is believed to have been in the original vegetable casserole. Today, macque choux is a baked corn and shrimp dish enjoyed by the Cajuns of River Road. The fiesta salad gives the 200-year-old mixture a Mexican twist.

Prep Time: 1 Hour

Yields: 6 Servings

Ingredients for vinaigrette:

1¼ cups olive oil

½ cup white wine vinegar

¼ cup lime juice

¼ cup cilantro leaves

1 avocado, peeled, pitted and diced

Method for vinaigrette:

Combine olive oil, vinegar, lime juice and cilantro in a food processor. Pulse for 1 minute. Add avocado and pulse again at 30-second intervals or until blended. Do not over-blend. Pour vinaigrette into a bowl and chill.

Ingredients for salad:

2 dozen (16–20 count) shrimp, peeled and deveined

½ cup lime juice

¼ cup lemon juice

½ cup tequila

1 tbsp chopped basil

1 tbsp chopped thyme

salt and cayenne pepper to taste

1 red bell pepper

1 yellow bell pepper

1 cup whole kernel corn

1 cup diced tomatoes

½ cup diced zucchini

½ cup canned black beans, rinsed

½ cup diced Bermuda onions

1 tbsp minced jalapeño

¼ cup chopped cilantro

2 tbsps olive oil

6 slices lime for garnish

tortilla chips for serving

Method for salad:

In a large mixing bowl, combine shrimp, lime juice, lemon juice, tequila, basil and thyme. Season with salt and cayenne pepper to taste. Toss and marinate shrimp in refrigerator for approximately 30 minutes. While shrimp are marinating, roast red and yellow bell peppers directly over the open flame or under the broiler of your stove, turning frequently. Broil on all sides until skin blisters and blackens. Remove and steam in a brown paper bag for 10–15 minutes. Peel blistered skin from pepper under cold running water. Seed and dice pepper. In a large bowl, toss peppers, corn, tomatoes, zucchini, black beans, onions, jalapeño and chopped cilantro. Set aside. Remove shrimp from marinade and discard the liquids. In a heavy-bottomed sauté pan, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Sauté shrimp 2–3 minutes or until pink and curled. Remove from pan. Toss shrimp and roasted pepper salad with ½ cup avocado vinaigrette. To serve, garnish rim of a large martini glass by dipping it in lime juice and minced cilantro. Fill glass with salad then garnish with lime slice. Serve with tortilla chips.

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