Mid-City royalty calls New Orleans third home

Mid-City royalty calls New Orleans third home

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans has become almost a third home to Susan and Duane Hoff.

The Minnesota natives and former Best Buy executives became friends with a co-worker who made them an intriguing offer one day.

"He said you know, if you ever want to do Mardi Gras, next year would be the year, because next year I'm going to be the king," said Susan.

"We thought it was a big party, a big drunken party. We'll go and it will be once and it won't be something that we have to do again," added Duane.

But, what started off as a check on their bucket list, turned into a 16-year love affair with the Krewe of Mid-City.

The Hoff's traded in their lives in Minnesota and bought a vineyard in Napa Valley, California called Fantesca Winery.

"So right after King's Day the Mardi Gras music comes on, just like the Christmas music goes away, the Mardi Gras music starts playing and people are like what's all that jazz music over at Hoff's," said Susan.

The couple said every year they want to give their family a memory making experience. Six years ago their children got a chance to be a duke and maid in the parade.

"They got to experience of the dances and balls and the comradery and the beautiful long gloves and wearing a tux. My son loves wearing a tux," glowed Susan.

She added, "When the krewe found out that we were going to be married for 30 years and that we were going to have a big party back in Napa, they said hey you know maybe you'd like to be king and queen."

The couple said there was no way they could say no.

"The thing that I think is such a treat this year is that you would swear that they are from here. I mean they are such a natural. They have a very good understanding of what Mardi Gras is all about," said krewe officer Michael Haydel.

One thing both Susan and Duane love about the Krewe of Mid-City is its rich traditions.

"I think it's amazing when you go back and you look at the old scrapbooks from the 30's and 40's and you see all of the couples that were king and queen of Mid-City back in those days," added Duane. "This kind of tradition it says something really important to the fabric of the community. We look forward to upholding those traditions and trying to be the king and queen that people remember from their childhood."

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