City will make another debris pass in tornado ravaged neighborhood

City will make another debris pass in tornado ravaged neighborhood

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The City of New Orleans will add a fourth debris pass for residential properties impacted by the EF3 tornado that hit on February 7.

From Thursday, March 2 to Sunday, March 5 workers will drive through the tornado ravaged neighborhoods in New Orleans East picking up storm debris.

The move is intended to give tornado victims more time to finish getting debris away from their properties.

After the first three debris passes, the city estimated almost 12,000 tons of debris had been cleared from the impacted area.

Below are the guidelines the city says storm victims must follow to have debris removed:

"All debris must be placed in front of your property in the area between the sidewalk and curb. Regular household garbage and recycling will be picked up on normal collection days. In order to allow residents additional time to complete clearing debris from their properties, the final pass will start on Thursday, Mar. 2 and end on Sunday, Mar. 5 for residential properties.
•    Debris piles are not to be placed on neutral grounds, next to utility poles, trees, mail boxes, electric or water meters, fire hydrants or blocking any travel lanes in the street.
•    Debris should be separated as follows: household garbage, construction debris, vegetative debris, household hazardous waste, white goods, and electronics.
•    Citizens do not have to cut and bundle branches in 4-feet lengths during this designated debris removal period in the impacted area. Leaves should be bagged.
Crews from the Departments of the Sanitation, Parks and Parkways and Public Works will remove debris and address damaged trees in the entire impacted area. Calls for debris piles and damaged trees on the public right of way, street lights, street signs and other matters outside of the area bounded by Chantilly Drive to Bullard Avenue and from Chef Menteur Highway to Dwyer Road, should be directed to 311.
In order for debris clearing crews to work as efficiently as possible, 
vehicle's found blocking debris piles from clearing trucks, will be moved to a nearby location out of the debris clearing zone by the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works. There is no fee associated with the moving of vehicles and is only done to ensure a timely clean-up. If individuals are unable to find their vehicles, please call Parking Enforcement at (504) 658-8200."

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