Susan Guidry is leaving council politics

Susan Guidry is leaving council politics

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Council member Susan Guidry announced on Thursday that she will not seek another position on the New Orleans City Council. Guidry is term-limited from running in her District A seat after serving two consecutive terms.  Today's decision puts to rest any speculation that Guidry is considering a run for one of the council's two at-large seats.  One of those seats, being held by Stacy Head will become vacant because she, too, is term-limited from running again in the fall.  Jason Williams, who holds the other at-large seat does have the opportunity to run again for his same seat.

In announcing her departure from the council, council member Susan Guidry says, "It has been my honor to represent District A and our great city over the past six plus years, and I look forward to continuing to serve through the end of my term in May 2018. With municipal elections approaching, there has been much speculation about whether I will seek an at-large council seat. I have decided that I will not. My sole purpose in coming out of retirement and running for office was to assist in our city's recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the failure of our federal levee system," said Council member Susan Guidry.

Guidry chaired the council's criminal justice and utility committees.  "I am very proud of the work I have done toward recovery and beyond. I wish to continue these efforts without the distraction of a campaign.  My heartfelt thanks go to all who have encouraged and assisted me in meeting the many challenges that we have faced together," said Council member Susan Guidry.

Outside of politics, Guidry plans to continue to support criminal justice reform efforts. She is also looking forward to a second retirement, spending more time with her family and traveling.

"New Orleans will always be my home," Guidry confirmed.

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