Progress at Old World Trade Center site

Progress at Old World Trade Center site

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - After years of bidding, planning and lawsuits, there is some movement at the shuttered World Trade Center site.

Pile drivers recently moved in to drive test piles needed for new construction for the Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel beat out several other bidders, and cab drivers say they're ready for the new customers it will bring

"It's better for business, we get a lot of tourists, they stay downtown, and hotels are always needed," said cabbie Coopama Muthusamy.

Though the test piles were driven, work on the remainder of the big project is being held up. A Four Seasons spokesman said that's because a failed bidder has until March 20 to file an appeal with the Louisiana Supreme Court. That comes after a lower court rejected his request to have Four Seasons thrown out due to a process he claimed was flawed.

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