City to take bids to remove Confederate-era monuments

Happening Today: Monument removal approval

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Bidding begins Tuesday to remove Confederate-era monuments.

The Jefferson Davis monument is one slated for removal after the appeals court decision.

It will be joined by the Robert E. Lee monument, the PGT Beauregard statue near City Park and the Battle of Liberty Place statue in the French Quarter.

In a statement Monday, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said it's a win for the city and affirms New Orleans can control its own property while moving forward with a more inclusive future.

For the groups that support the statues, it's a major loss after months of battle to protect statues they feel are integral to the city's history.

"All we are is a voice you know, we're just trying to, you know, be heard. "We're not going to go out there and protest or spray paint City Hall like these monuments have been spray painted you know we're just trying to get our voice out there to save something that is a part of New Orleans culture," said Jack Ramirez of the group Save Lee Circle.

Landrieu says the monuments will be preserved until an appropriate place to display them can be found.

The city will use private money to remove the monuments.

The statues will be stored in a city-owned warehouse.

The monumental task committee, a group that is responsible for the upkeep of the statues, says it is disappointed with the court's decision but will consider asking for another hearing with all 14 Fifth Circuit Court judges.

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