Metairie clerk speaks out about a vicious attack

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - "Mostly, I'm just grateful to be alive," said the victim.

A Metairie clerk said she fought for her life when a man wielding a knife and a hammer attacked her March 3. She was working as a cashier at a Shell Station at Clearview and West Esplanade on the overnight shift when she heard someone come in to the store. Police say it was 31-year-old David Reeves.

"I was standing on a step stool. I was counting cigarettes, and no sooner did I turn around, this guy was in my face," she said.

She said she remembers asking, 'What do you want?' and then she said he immediately hit her over the head with a bottle.

"I was seeing stars. I mean, my vision got blurry. I'm sure there was blood in my eyes because I couldn't see," the victim said.

The cashier said she put her head down and her hands up, but the attack was far from over. She said Reeves began hitting her with a hammer, and then repeatedly stabbing her in the head and upper body. The victim said at that moment, her life flashed before her eyes.

She knew she had to fight back.

"I know I was swinging, and I was going to keep swinging till I couldn't swing anymore. All I knew was that if I didn't swing back, I was going to die. I wasn't ready to die," she said.

She was somehow able to find the panic button under the counter, and she said once she pressed it, Reeves took off running. Police arrested Reeves later that day.

The victim said she has no idea why he attacked her, but she does recognize him as a previous customer.

"He had been in a few times, and we'd never had any cross words. There was nothing bad that I would ever even consider," she said the victim.

She was rushed to the hospital with 22 lacerations. She is recovering with 42 staples in her head, 60 stitches, a broken nose, fractured sternum and fractured arms.

She said she's been told she's lucky to be alive.

"I'm not a hero. I'm not anybody special. I'm just somebody who was trying to stay alive, and I did. I'm still alive," she said.

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