St. Charles Rescue Run Club volunteers keep pets healthy and active

St. Charles Rescue Run Club volunteers keep pets healthy and active

DESTREHAN, LA (WVUE) - People often go running to exercise or to get healthy. But some runners in St. Charles Parish aren't only doing it for themselves, they're doing it to bond with dogs that who need homes.

It's called the St. Charles Parish rescue run club.

The goal of the club is to help get the dogs out of their kennels to burn off some energy," said Rachel Melancon, who formed the group. This not only helps volunteers clean out their kennels more easily, but also helps adoptable dogs become familiar with walking or running on a leash."

There are currently 36 volunteering families that participate in the program.

Shelter Director Jena Troxler said joy volunteers get is "wonderful."

"We are holding close to our mission, to educate young children and to teach empathy, the importance of spaying and neutering and how to care for and love animals as family," Troxler said.

Troxler said the community is stepping up to the plate to foster, which socializes and teaches good manners to pets.

"We strive to adopt out healthy, well-mannered pets that have received maximum vet care and volunteer interaction for socialization time," Troxler said.

For more information or to join the club can be found at the St. Charles Parish Rescue Run Club's Facebook page.

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