City to make fifth and final debris removal pass

City to make fifth and final debris removal pass

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The City of New Orleans will make a fifth and final pass to remove debris from tornado-damaged homes between Tuesday, March 21 and Friday March 24.

All debris must be sorted into appropriate piles and placed between the sidewalk and the curb no later than March 24.

Here are the city's guidelines:

•    Debris piles are not to be placed on neutral grounds, next to utility poles, trees, mail boxes, electric or water meters, fire hydrants or blocking any storm drains or travel lanes in the street.  
•    Debris should be separated as follows: household garbage, construction debris, vegetative debris, household hazardous waste, white goods, and electronics.
•    Citizens do not have to cut and bundle branches in 4-feet lengths during this designated debris removal period in the impacted area. Leaves should be bagged.
•    Only debris resulting from the recent tornado is eligible for collection by the City's contractors.
•    Debris from contractors, including demolitions, is not eligible for collection by the City or its debris contractors.  Private disposal arrangements must be made.

The city has been coordinating with organizations providing volunteers to help with cleaning up debris. Residents who need assistance can call 2-1-1 to register with Crisis Cleanup.

The city says more than 15,000 tons of debris had been cleared from the impacted area during the first four passes.

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