Former New Orleans US attorney swept up in Trump purge

Former New Orleans US attorney swept up in Trump purge

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - He wanted a smooth transition, but former U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite was out of a job as of Friday.

Polite submitted his resignation Friday, offering to step down from his position in the eastern district of Louisiana as of March 24.

Polite was appointed in 2013.

But the Trump administration, as part of a larger purge of holdover appointees, asked Polite to resubmit his resignation to take effect immediately, according to Polite staffers.

Nationwide, Trump as forced at least 46 US Attorneys appointed by former President Barack Obama to vacate their positions immediately.

Fox 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti questions the way all of this was carried out.

"They've got some guys who've been there a long time. The place isn't going to fall apart.  But it was a fairly ham-handed way of handling things in my opinion," Raspanti said. "And I think they should have allowed him to do two more weeks. To get things done. There's a lot of sensitive material there's a lot of cases that have various degrees of preparation, and there's some information that needs to be exchanged."

Louisiana's two other U.S. attorneys have either resigned or retired.

Officials now say Duane Evans, a former first assistant in the New Orleans office, has been named acting U.S. attorney.

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