Woman shot 9 times released from hospital, questions why no arrest has been made

Woman shot 9 times released from hospital, questions why no arrest has been made

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A woman who was robbed, shot and left for dead 92 days ago on the steps of her New Orleans home was released from the hospital Thursday, but she fears for her safety as the people responsible still roam free.

On Dec. 14, 2016, the victim said a group teenage boys came to her home near the Fair Grounds. She said one of the boys asked to use her phone. When she obliged, the teenager robbed her, and when she fought back, she was shot.

"They tried to kill me. I was shot nine times," she said. "Up close and personal."

That face-to-face encounter still haunts her, and she said the face of her attacker is something she will never forget.

However, she said after she pointed the gunman out in a photo lineup to New Orleans police detectives, she was told that was not enough to issue an arrest warrant.

"It's almost like the police hands are tied. I'm not blaming them by any means. Somewhere higher up has to make these rules, and at what point does it count? What point do you start getting crime off the street?" she said.

"I'm lucky to have my daughter. I'm angry," said the victim's mother. "The fact that there is system here that stops justice from being done for innocent people is appalling to me."

FOX 8 asked the NOPD about the victim's specific claims. A spokesperson with the department responded saying, "We cannot comment on this investigation at this time, as it remains active and ongoing."

Now, the victim and her family take on the new task of having to look over their shoulders and protect themselves as a gunman she can still see in her mind roams free.

"You can't continue this because this city is going to be one big prison, but the murderers are going to be the ones on the outside and we're going to be locked in our houses," the victim said.

The victim is taking steps with the aid of a walker and said the strength of others helped her pull through.

"My mom being there every day, and the love and support that I've gotten from the rest of my friends and who I consider family, that's how it all happened."

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