Bryan Ferry featured some of his best work at the Saenger

Bryan Ferry featured some of his best work at the Saenger

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - From David Bowie to the Cars and so many in between, Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music influenced generations of musicians.

As a guiding force in the world of glam and art rock, Ferry made a rare New Orleans appearance at the Saenger Thursday night.

The one thing that you can count on from a Ferry show is a tight backing band and the nine musicians proved more than capable of handling his adventurous career.

This night the former Roxy Music singer/songwriter would rely heavy on his band's catalog, particularly their biggest album Avalon from 1982.

Dressed in all black, Ferry slipped in his biggest solo hit "Slave to Love" early on giving his fans an early signal this would be a special stroll through some of his best work.

At 71, no one would blame Ferry for playing it safe and performing songs that center around his more mellow, seductive side.

But this is Bryan Ferry and he made sure to touch all aspects of Roxy Music-like the ahead of its time "Ladytron" from their 1972 debut to "Stronger Through the Years" from "Manifesto" and "Oh Yeah" from the 1980 album "Flesh and Blood."

The only album he skipped "Stranded."

Sonically the band punched up each song with saxophonist Jorja Chalmers providing that Ferry soul.

The Australian-born Chalmers added depth and beauty to the instrumental "Tara," "Avalon" and "Love is the Drug."

Over the years, Ferry has covered his share of songs and pulled out his version of Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane." While it may seem an odd choice for Roxy Music to cover back in the day, Ferry makes it fit nicely in his canon.

Ferry's music was made for people to move, whether slow or fast. While it took the crowd some time they finally got on their feet for Roxy's big hit from Avalon, "More than This."

The excitement built as Ferry and his accomplished band laid down "Love is the Drug," "Virginia Plain" and "Both Ends Burning."

With the crowd firmly in his hands, Ferry pulled out Roxy Music's biggest cover hit, "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon. The band added the song to their live shows as a tribute to the Beatles after he was killed in 1980.

Ferry's finale was "Editions of You" from the "For Your Pleasure" album. The 20-plus song set, which ran a little more than an hour and a half, was filled with wonderful moments from an artist that has given so many of those moments through the decades.

He left his fans dancing in the aisles and so glad he finally made it back down to New Orleans.

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