Destrehan man shot and killed inside of his home

Manslaughter charges brought in fatal Destrehan shooting

DESTREHAN, LA (WVUE) - In a normally quiet neighborhood, a shooting scene unfolded inside of a Destrehan home.

"Deputies arrived on the scene quickly. EMTs arrived on the scene. They found a 25-year-old male who had been a victim of an apparent gunshot wound to the chest," said Sheriff Greg Champagne.

Champagne said EMTs tried to save Weston Keller on the scene, but were unsuccessful. The sheriff said  the man who shot Keller, 68-year-old Donald Daughdrill, lived at the home with Keller, but they weren't related.

"Mr. Weston lived with his grandmother who was the owner of the residence for about six years. Mr. Daughdrill, who was described as a friend of the grandmother, had been living in the residence for about a year and a half," Champagne said.

Police arrested Daughdrill for manslaughter in a dispute that appears to have started over money.

"Essentially there was an allegation by Mr. Daughdrill towards the victim, alleging that he had stolen money from him at which time Mr. Daughdrill grabbed the weapon and shot Weston Keller in the chest," Champagne said.

Deputies recovered a .38-caliber handgun from inside the home.

"It's truly a tragedy. It hits home. It's devastating because this is someone who would do anything for anybody," said Katelyn Benedetto.

Friends of Keller describe him as an amazing person known for taking care of others.

"If you needed him, he was there and he was everybody's bodyguard, everybody's shield, everybody's best friend. I can speak for everybody when I say he will be truly missed," Benedetto said.

Friends and neighbors tell FOX 8 that the Keller family has been through a lot over the past couple of years, with the loss of Keller's mom and Keller's own child. Through it all, they say Keller remained strong. Now, they can't imagine life without him.

"I just want everybody to remember him for the great person he was. He would do anything for anybody, and I'm here today to speak about how great of a person he was because I know he would do it for me. He deserves it. He did not deserve what happened to him," Benedetto said.

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